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IMG_4757  Evelyne Werzowa

Mission Statement

Opening the doorway for healing to take place. In a supportive environment, I create peace, love and the space to return to wholeness. Holding the vision for the clients higher good, perfect health and seeing them as already healed. In this “surrender” the body can remember wholeness and heal.


Evelyne stumbled upon Healing Touch when her son was diagnosed with a rare leg condition. Wanting to avoid traditional western medicine and surgery, Evelyne found Healing Touch. She began to practice on her son and with successful results. So began her journey into Healing Touch. Gaining deeper exploration into healing intention, quantum physics and the power of heart centered energy work she was hooked on this transformative work. She also works as a Life Coaching,  working with the subconscious mind, and hidden beliefs so one can heal fully.