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Sound Healing and Life Coach

What is Sound Healing?

Science and western medicine are validating what Shamans have known for millennia. Music and Healing have been inseparable in the practices of healing.

Sound healing is increasingly embraced as the oldest, most gentle and most profound method of healing there is. The unique, deeply relaxing (and therefore healing) benefits of harmonic overtones, which induces the rare state of Theta brain wave activity while still conscious. Sound can help alleviate energy blockages in the chakras.

With sound healing there are continuing reports of relief and cessation of acute and chronic mental, emotional and physical issues (including stress, insomnia, ability to concentrate, various immune system issue, emotional disorders and many more) as well as initiation and/or heightened clarity in direct contact with spirit guides and angels, finding life purpose, spontaneous past-life recall, and increased ability to manifest.

Sound Healing Therapy:
Using tuning forks, gong, quartz crystal bowls to help balance, open and clear the energy field. As you lay back and listen to the beautiful tones, this brings you to a state of theta where deep healing can take place, thus attuning your body to its natural frequency. One can leave feeling more balanced, clear, open, peaceful and aligned.

Tuning Fork Therapy:
Using modalities like acupuncture but without the needles, the tuning forks are placed on points to meet the clients’ needs. This sound therapy modality helps put you in a theta state where deep healing can take place and allow the sound waves to help balance your body. One can leave the session feeling energized, balanced and with a deep sense of release and peace.

Life Coach

Tapping into your subconscious beliefs, through guided meditations, old belief patterns, and exercises we unleash the old patterns stepping into wholeness where your true nature of love resides. Sessions are cumulative. 


Sound Healing