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Some words from those who came for energy work:

Evelyne starts her session with sound. By playing the crystal bowls she is easing my Chakras. Now that I am open for healing, Evelyne's hands, which are from another world, move my energy field in a way that fear and pain instantly fades.... I have been through many "hands" and she is a natural healing soul.


Evelyne is a natural born healer. She is a kind and nurturing soul who is deeply invested in her clients' well-being. Her healing practice brings physical, emotional and spiritual relief. I would highly recommend her.


I was skeptical at first, but I must say, after one treatment I felt more peaceful and grounded. After a few treatments I felt even better and my energy was back, my anxiety subsided and I felt more prepared to face life head on. Evelyne is a wonderful healer, with a magic touch and nurturing soul. Treat yourself to this fantastic form of healing and to Evelyne--she will make you feel better.


Diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome - symptoms include: extreme nerve irritation in palms of hands ('buzzing'), extreme pain on both right and left lateral side of neck, across back of shoulders, across clavicle and down arms existing conditions: glaucoma,high blood pressure, two pinched nerves in lower spine L5/S1 I was in extreme pain before I saw Evelyne for treatment. My quality of life was compromised. I was taking 800 mg IBUPROFEN 3x daily and the Physical Therapy was not helping. I had immediate relief from the first session. Evelyne is extremely gifted; great understanding and compassion. Calm, clear demeanor, spiritual and grounded.


I am a non-spiritual, skeptical, closed minded old bastard. I always thought the chakra concept to be a myth. I only agreed to try Evelyne's Healing Touch because we are friends. I expected it would have as little effect on me as psycho-therapy, exercise, and eating healthy have ever had. However my experience has been the only thing in memory that has give me peace - even if only for an hour. I consider it a miracle. It is the only thing in my life I look forward to. I call it my oasis. Thanks Evelyne.


Evelyne's treatments are not only soothing and uplifting, but heal deeply on many levels. I always leave her table feeling like anything is possible and a great shift has taken place. Evelyne is very caring, thoughtful and insightful during the sessions and makes sure you are being treated specifically for your ailment and not just a general issue.


I found my healing touch experience to be deeply calming and relaxing. Evelyne has a wonderful energy and way about her that put me at ease and made me feel comfortable. The setting is lovely and peaceful. I always felt more at ease after I had a session with her. One time I had sciatica and after our session the pain went away. Also, I was going through a difficult time at work and since healing touch I left my former employer of nearly 10 years and started my own law firm!  I just opened earlier this month and am getting up and running but I think the healing touch helped point me in this direction.

Thank you so much for everything!
Love, M.

Great news! The baby turned! My OBGYN said in 30 years of practice

she has never seen a baby that far along turn from a frank breech to the correct position. She was completely shocked! It must have been from all the movement I felt after our session, he was wiggling his way down! We are so excited! Thank you! Katie C.


I wanted to let you know what an amazing experience the sound bath was! I think it was clear at the time I was totally blown away, but I wanted to add that I felt like my body was vibrating (in a very good way) for several days afterward. And about three days after, I had this very visceral sensation in my heart area, like an opening feeling… it literally felt like a chunk of armor had fallen off my heart, and my heart felt sort of tender and sore… but not in a bad way. I felt more open and expansive. I have heard people talk about opening their heart chakra, and that’s my best guess as to what happened, but on the other hand “opening the heart chakra” sounds so abstract–those words can’t convey the intense and wonderful experience I had. So thank you!
Thank you, Amy.

Testimonials Healing Touch

Rates: Healing Touch/Energy Work

Session: $150 (90 min)

Rates: Sound Healing

Sound Healing: $100 1 hour (Tuning forks, crystal bowls)

Book 5 sessions at a discounted rate: $700

Also Available:

Distant Healing. Private Ceremonies. Sound Baths.

Skype and Phone Sessions.